Ebay Sucks



I’ve been on ebay for a long time, over the years ebay seems  to just keep changing stuff and getting worse and worse. They’ve already driven a majority of their sellers away over the past couple years by charging so much for the service, now they’re making it hard to buy stuff too. Most of my complaints are specific to ebay motors. Why does ebay allow all of the counterfeit items? If you do a search for HKS muffler or any of the other major brands you will come up with a huge list over 1000 long and the majority of items are fake or not even that name brand(the seller just slapped a hashtag into the title). So I have to waste my time sifting through all the fake crap because ebay doesn’t seem to enforce their own policies. In addition, ebay constantly changes page and search formats to make things ever more confusing and inefficient. Why the shit does the page reset every single search I do, why do my parameters disappear from every search? And why does every search include title and description? Even with advanced search I can not choose to search only titles and exclude descriptions.

I see now that I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’ve had transactions as a seller that the buyer disputed and because of ebays policies they favor the buyer 100%. the situation was, I had sold somebody some trading cards. The buyer claimed i had sent him the wrong cards. Maybe i did, maybe i didn’t (I know I didn’t). But all the buyer had to do was provide a picture of “what he received” to ebays customer service. The problem with this is he just showed a picture of any other cards he had, which he did, ebay sided with him and bam I’m out 56 of my hard earned dollars.

I use ebay as a way to fuel my hobbies. Ebay used to be a great way to make a hobby pay for itself. However over the years its become impossible to even come close to breaking even with buying and selling on ebay. It seems ebay has taken the path to selling out and becoming a money hungry conglomerate. I don’t want to believe it, I have to think that within their thought process when making all the changes for the worse, that it was just ebays way to survive. Perhaps they were going under with all the customer complaints and low fees, so they needed a way to pull themselves out of rock bottom, hiring some heartless corporate to fix all their problems, it just had a bad side effect for the average consumer but they had to do it. Thats what i would love to believe, but then you look at their stock over the past decade and realize its just bullshit. So thank you ebay, thank you for hijacking the only way i could justify spending money on entertainment in such crappy economic times.

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